Chicago Sketchfest Jan 18th

Chicago, IL- Tamale will be performing as part of Redneck Advice with Cody and Jeb in Chicago Sketchfest on Saturday, January 18th at 6pm!  Get your tickets by finding Cody and Jeb on this schedule!  Redneck Advice with Cody and Jeb made it into Chicago Sketchfest this year! Cody and Jeb are just two loveable redneck dudes who like to deal out advice like hogs at a county fair. Listen to them tell you how to pick up women and where to take them on dates. Performed by Chicago comedic geniuses Tamale Sepp and Sayjal Joshi.


NOT IN CHICAGO? Through the magic of the interwebs, YOU CAN STILL SEE THE SHOW! It’s only a couple of bucks!

From the site:

This year’s SketchFest will probably welcome over 10,000 patrons over its two weeks of performances. 10,000 people flowing in and out of the four theatres of Stage 773. SketchFest is a beautiful, tightly-controlled chaos. Throngs of comedy lovers headed like cattle to be slain by the best sketch comedy around. Prepare to be elbow-to-elbow as tickets are purchased or picked up then the waiting in the lobby until “the house opens” (that’s a theatre term) and you can take your seat. Then when the show is over, you’ll need to vacate the theatre promptly so the next group’s audience can take your place.

*Even if you have a ticket to the following show in your theatre, you must leave to be seated with the rest of the audience for that show.*



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