Matt Griffo- Matt Griffo covers "Sit On My Face" by Monty Python

Matt Griffo- Basically

Matt Griffo- Dude

Matt Griffo- There's a Monster Party In My Pants

Matt Griffo

Tamale has talented pals who invite her to play. She makes appearances in their work and co-writes songs with them because being silly and making work with friends is the best.

One of these talented people is the amazing Matt Griffo. Matt Griffo is an up and coming Chicago based musician, actor, and comedian. He’s been performing at festivals across the country since 2008, has opened for Reggie Watts and is the composer for the Chicago smash hit: Jersey Shore The Musical. He has songs about the environment, racism, love, and zombies. He’s joined on stage by his piano, ukulele, and unique brand of witty and off the wall comedy.

Pound of Flesh- Believe


Pound of Flesh

Tamale has talented pals who invite her to play. Sometimes she gets to dress up like a Valkyrie and gets her ghost on! Check out this video by Pound of Flesh.

Pound of Flesh is an alternative electronic hard rock band based in Chicago featuring, former member of Ministry, Darrell James.

In 2000, Pound of Flesh debuted with Red & Black. It received critical acclaim and support from 250+ radio stations across the US and charted within the top five of several of those stations.

While touring regionally in support of Red & Black, Darrell had the great fortune to be introduced to the legendary Al Jourgensen of Ministry fame. Jourgensen subsequently came on board to produce POF’s next record. Soon thereafter, Jourgensen asked if he would be interested in playing keyboards during Ministry’s 2003 Fornicatour. Darrell agreed, and Jourgensen loved his creative contribution so much he asked him to stay on for Ministry’s 2004 Evil Doer tour. More on their site!
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