• 2010    Interdisciplinary Arts and Media from Columbia College Chicago
  • 2010    Stand-up comedy classes at Zanies and through the Feminine Comique at Lincoln Lodge
  • 2010    Annoyance Theater
  • 2003    !O Chicago Training Center                              (awarded internship)
  • 2002     Second City Conservatory Program             (awarded internship)


  • 2001     Agricultural Education and Agricultural Technology Management from University of Arizona  (cum laude and with honors in each, Outstanding Student of the Year in Agricultural Technology Management)

Most Noted Performances

  • 2010-present           opened for comics: Michele Balan, Jessica Kirson, Julie Goldman, and Vickie Shaw
  • 2005-present           numerous comedy/hosting performances- local, national, and internationally (monthly)
  • 2005-present           various fire performances- local, national, and internationally (monthly)
  • 2004-present           various burlesque/belly dance performances- local, national, and internationally (monthly)
  • 2004-2008              Estrojam/ Decibelle Women’s Music Festival, Chicago, IL
  • 2003-2007              Sissy Butch Brothers Burlesque, Chicago, IL (including VIC Theater with Margret Cho)
  • 2004-2007              Great Big International Drag King Show, Washington, DC

Traveling Conferences

  • 2012   International Drag King Extravaganza 14, Cleveland, OH
  • 2011   Mind the Gap (IDKE off year), Columbus, OH
  • 2010   International Drag King Extravaganza 12, Baltimore, MD
  • 2010   Femme Conference, Oakland, CA
  • 2009   International Drag King Extravaganza 11, Tucson, AZ
  • 2008   International Drag King Extravaganza 10, Columbus, OH
  • 2008   Femme Conference, Chicago, IL
  • 2007   International Drag King Extravaganza 9, Vancouver, BC
  • 2006   International Drag King Extravaganza 8, Austin, TX
  • 2005   International Drag King Extravaganza 7, Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • 2004   International Drag King Extravaganza 6, Chicago, IL


  • 2009   Individual Performance tour (Oct/Nov), Dublin (Dublin Lesbian Arts Festival) and Paris
  • 2009   Individual Performance tour (May), Berlin, Italy (Milan, and Switzerland
  • 2009   Windy City Blenders tour (Feb/March), Dublin, Ireland and Berlin, Germany
  • 2005   Windy City Blenders tour, Dublin, Ireland and Berlin, Germany
  • 2004   Windy City Blenders tour, Toronto, Canada
  • 2004   Windy City Blenders tour, Dublin, Ireland


  • 2010   Bound and Determined, second full-length one-woman show and multi-media installation
  • 2008   Michigan Women’s Music Festival, performed comedy, fire dancing, burlesque, hosted shows
  • 2007   Temple of Poi Civic Center Showcase, San Francisco, CA, fire danced in international showcase
  • 2006   The Lola Project, Chicago, IL- collaborative full-length drag and burlesque show
  • 2006   Gay Games Chicago, Chicago IL
  • 2004   Painted Mirrors, first full-length one-woman show at the Historical Leather Archives, Chicago, IL

Grants/Awards/ Distinctions

  • 2009   Named the International Guest of Honor at the Dublin Lesbian Arts Festival
  • 2009   Selected as one of top ten queer performers in Chicago to tour with the Windy City Blenders as part of a gender performance outreach program (2009/2005/2004 on all four international trips)
  • 2009   Named a Fellow for the Institute of the Study of Women and Gender in the Arts and Media
  • 2009   Awarded the Albert P. Weisman Award for thesis project entitled Bound and Determined
  • 2008   Named America’s Seventh Funniest Lesbian by Curve Magazine (November issue)
  • 2008   Presenter/ Performer at the Femme Conference held in Chicago
  • 2007   Departmental Merit Award for Inter Arts at Columbia College Chicago
  • 2007   Named one of the “Top Five People to Know in Chicago” by the Reader in their annual review of Chicago and its communities
  • 2007   Shared stage with Margret Cho at the VIC Theater w/ Sissy Butch Brothers historical queer show
  • 2005 and 2004  Awarded “Top 30 Under 30” Distinction by the Windy City Times

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