Hey Girl.

Inspired by the Feminist Ryan Gosling meme and a haunting sense of familiarity!

Premiered at the Chicago Women’s Funny Festival 2012!

Reprinted from the Chicago Women’s Funny Festival:

Tamale – (One Woman Show) A sweet, charming fellow. A fierce, queer woman. Together, they tackle love from every angle. Hey Girl is a one woman show featuring interdisciplinary artist and comedian Tamale Sepp and projected images of her faux beau, Ryan Gosling. It’s a true story of how two people who have never met can be so perfect for each other.


Stills from Hey Girl.

Tamale and Ryan go on a date where they discover their penchant for popcorn and romantic comedies, or, as they like to call them while giggling playfully, “RoCos”.



Tamale shares a bubble bath with her bestie, Ryan. For such a fiercely protective man, he is amazingly adept at keeping the suds out of her delicate eyes. It’s a direct reflection of the tenderness they share.



Trust exercises are so much fun! Ryan and Tamale are, once again, actin’ a fool and having a blast!

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