Brass Chuckles Comedy


Brass Chuckles Comedy is a comedy show that

invites fascinating people to come out to play.

We do bad ass-ass things with bad-ass people.


What can I expect at a typical show?

Brass Chuckles explores comedy through stand-up, sketch, improv, videos, performance art, live readings of personal narrative work, and other creative methods.  Our comedy comes from our experiences in other worlds of performance- drag, burlesque, fire dancing, belly dancing, and other areas of expression.  Shows are multi-disciplinary with comedy as the through-line.  It’s comedic self-expression at it’s finest.

What is Brass Chuckles about?

Brass Chuckles is a comedy show that lovingly showcases fascinating people.  These brilliant people are invited to share their field of expertise though material that is developed around them and their unique abilities.  Each show is as different as the people it contains.


Want to Contribute?


People often ask what they can do to support our wacky antics. Here are some items that are part of acts-in-progress that you could make happen! Why do this? Here's why!